Rural Marginalized Community Support

Support to Chepang children and women
In April 2017, CORE began a project with Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (Him Rights) to give scholarships to Chepang kids in Makawanpur, the district just to the south of Kathmandu. In December, it would offer training to the parents to help them improve their livelihoods and their appreciation of the importance of education. The Chepang don’t migrate to the city, they are truly forest people.

Him Rights has worked in the area for a few years already and had a field staff person ready to start visiting families to encourage them to send their kids to school and to work with the villages.

Several marginalized ethnic groups inhabit the jungles of Makwanpur district. Their access to services, especially education, has been so limited that only 1% of women can read. The parents often do not understand the value of an education, so the dropout rate of the children is high. The facilitator has worked with these communities before in other projects and will make frequent visits to encourage the parents to send the children to school. A food allowance will make school attendance more attractive for the parents who struggle to have enough food for their families by collecting wild edibles from the jungle and practising subsistence slash-and-burn cultivation. Some earn minimal wages from day wages as unskilled labourers.