Tara came to Kathmandu with her baby after her husband was killed in the insurgency. She joined the group in 2009 when she worked in a cow shed. She now owns three cows to sell the milk and has opened a small shop.

“This saving group is like my parental home. At the start I would struggle to save Rs 10, now with their support and what I have learned, I save Rs 300-500 per day. I have learned so much like how to buy wholesale, so that I save and earn more money.

As well I realize that I am capable of doing all this to support my daughter and me. At first, I struggled to repay a loan for Rs 2,500. Now, I’ve taken loans and repaid them; now I have a shop and three cows and a calf. On the extra land I lease for the cows, I made rooms to rent to people who are in a bad situation like I used to be. Now, three of those women have joined the saving group.”

Pramila has an outside tea stand at the wholesale fruit market. She joined the group three years ago.

“I learned to save money and teach other women that if we save a few rupees, we can take small loans to start a business and save money. From small amounts each day, we can have income and save a thousand or more rupees each month.

“From the income we pay rent, school fees, and buy what we need. I took loans to pay for my husband’s treatment before he died. I am paying off these loans and taking care of my family. I cannot get to many group meetings but I appreciate its work and their decisions for us. I advise all my friends to join the group.”

Saraswoti joined the group seven years ago. She is afraid to take a loan but saves every day from her earnings sorting garbage in the dump. When she needs money, she takes it from her savings. As well, her children have scholarships from CORE, which helps despite their difficult home situation.

Gopila has been a microcredit group member for five years. In that time, she has saved a greater portion of her earnings. With her first loan, she bought a sewing machine to earn a living tail

Manish, 18, has just completed his formal schooling with a CORE scholarship. His mother has been a member of the saving group for eight years and was struggling with school expenses for Manish and his sisters. Manish passed his final exams with good results and now joined a college for further studies.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to have studied and feel that it is very important that other students have the chance that I did. Most organizations work in villages, but I am so glad that you also work in the city, where there are so many poor people so that the children can have an education. There are so many students like me who want an education. I hope that you can continue this work for many years – for a lifetime. I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your support.”

Gyanu Roka & Bimala Roka of Macchegaun village took the vegetable training one year ago in 2011. “We learned to do this at the training. Gyanu and I took a loan of Rs 6,000